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53 search results for: /immigration


Is a same-sex marriage recognized in the green card process?

Is it easy, or even possible, to get a same-sex marriage green card in the United States? LBGTQ rights have certainly progressed over the past 30 years, including federal recognition of same-sex marriages. Yet LGBTQ immigrants still face unique challenges, especially as their marriage relates to their visa or resident status.  Unfortunately, this is one […]


Updated visa application process includes social media review

New rules regarding social media and visa applications mean you might need to be very careful about what you post if you’re immigrating into the country. Florida companies recruiting international employees may benefit and save time with an understanding of updates to the H-1B visa requirements. Applicants should also expect changes in the visa qualification […]


Employers targeted for ICE inspections and possible prosecutions

Employers are being targeted for ICE inspections across Florida. Caught up in “worksite enforcement surges” conducted by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, employers in Florida and across the U.S. may face possible charges. The ICE claims that its primary goal is to find and prosecute employers who use or rely upon the illegal employment of immigrants […]