A guide to H1B visas for Florida businesses

Are you a business owner or manager wanting to bring highly skilled workers to the U.S.? Do you have a specialized U.S. business that needs specialized employees? Bassey Immigration Law Center, P.A. in Tampa and Clearwater, Florida, helps business people like you who need visas for employees to work in the U.S.

Managing attorney Aniefiok Bassey leads an experienced legal team steeped in all aspects of family and business immigration, including the all-important H1B immigration visa. Whether you are a gifted technology expert, computer programmer, engineering virtuoso, artist, administrator or educator, we capably assist with the process of recruiting and sponsoring personnel for U.S. corporations.

We Know What You’re Going Through. We’ve Been Where You Are.

Many of our talented legal advisers and advocates have firsthand knowledge of the immigrant experience. These understanding lawyers sympathize with what entrepreneurs, business owners and aspiring employees feel as their fortunes are being decided by the U.S. government. You receive every advantage that our firm-wide experience, effectiveness and efficiency can offer when the H1B visa is an ambitious businessperson’s goal.

The H1B is of a definite duration whose conclusion dictates that the applicant exits the country or changes to a related visa status. This visa allows holders to maintain “dual intent” (working temporarily, remaining permanently). While an H1B is being used, the holder may decide to pursue living in the U.S. long-term. Bassey Immigration Law Center is fully prepared to help any worker who must proceed through the labor certification process.

Do you have questions about the intricacies of immigration law as they affect your schooling, abilities, ambitions and proven skills? Are you curious about U.S. companies that are hiring professionals with your unique qualifications? We have the combination of legal acumen and people skills that gets results.

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