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Federal Investigation Defense Attorney, Anie Bassey

Encounters with U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) agents and other federal and state law enforcement agencies may have serious consequences. If you are not a U.S. citizen and you are arrested or charged with a crime, you could face detention or deportation and punishment for the crime by criminal court. If that occurs, you should seek help from an experienced federal defense attorney to ensure you comply with the government but do not jeopardize your rights. 

The immigration lawyers FL at Bassey Immigration Law Center are available to assist you in requesting your records from DHS and other law enforcement agencies. We will analyze these records and advise on their possible immigration consequences. Our attorneys fully understand the immigrant experience and know how to fight for your future. 

Federal Offenses 

Federal offenses are those crimes violating U.S. federal laws. Federal crimes may include the following:  

  • Bank robbery 
  • Civil rights violations  
  • Environmental crimes 
  • Fraudulent activity affecting interstate commerce 
  • Mail fraud 
  • Narcotics  
  • Tax fraud  
  • Wire fraud 

Any crime involving the defrauding of the U.S. is a federal offense. Felonies are punishable by more than one year in prison. Aggravated felonies are especially serious crimes, including murder, rape, child pornography, or sexual abuse of a minor. Human trafficking, kidnapping, drug trafficking, and disclosing classified government information are all aggravated felonies.  

Remember that aggravated felonies under immigration law may differ from those in criminal law. Congress determines which crimes are considered aggravated felonies when it comes to immigration. Further, certain misdemeanor offenses are considered felonies for immigration purposes.  

Because the list of aggravated felonies changes according to congressional decisions, a prior crime can become an aggravated felony in retrospect. Someone convicted of a crime could face deportation even though it was not an aggravated felony at the time of commission.  

Consequences of Federal Criminal Activity and Immigration 

Federal offenses have consequences for those immigrants who have been lawfully admitted, those seeking admission, and those who are in the country without lawful admission.  

Those who are lawfully admitted may find themselves removed and deported. Aliens seeking admission to the U.S. are either barred from admission or, if currently in the U.S., removed from the country.  

Illegal Re-entry 

Undocumented immigrants are not committing a federal crime simply by their presence in the U.S. That is a civil violation. However, it is a federal felony to cross the U.S. border if previously deported or denied admission. Such illegal re-entry can result in imprisonment along with fines. Illegal re-entry is among the most common of immigration crimes. 

When a deported person returns illegally to the U.S. and is convicted, the punishment depends on why they were deported. For example, if an immigrant is deported and removed due to violent or drug-related crimes, the prison sentence is generally much longer. As per 8 U.S. Code § 1326, if the person’s removal was “subsequent to a conviction for commission of three or more misdemeanors involving drugs, crimes against the person, or both, or a felony (other than an aggravated felony),” they face up to 10 years in prison. 

However, if the person’s removal was related to an aggravated felony conviction, they can face up to 20 years behind bars.  

How a Federal Defense Investigation Lawyer Can Help 

For most criminal grounds for deportation, but not all, a conviction is required. That is why hiring an experienced federal defense investigation lawyer is critical. We thoroughly investigate your case and its facts to provide the best defense possible.  

Your federal defense investigation attorney may try to get your criminal charges reduced. Under some circumstances, we may prove able to get these charges dropped. Depending on your case, we may also negotiate for certain pleas that do not automatically result in removal. Of course, we will always provide the most effective defense for you to avoid conviction.  

If you are convicted, our work does not end. A federal defense investigation lawyer can handle your appeals and work to reduce your sentence.  

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