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Our attorney, Aniefiok ‘Ani’ Bassey, has been through the immigrant process and knows what you need to do to be successful. Ani has more than two decades of experience in helping people through the system. He and his staff can help you face your immigration challenges.

The Experience To Help Immigrants Around The Globe Realize Their Goals

At Bassey Immigration Law Center, we have more than a decade of legal experience resolving a wide range of challenging immigration issues. Our multilingual team fully understands the immigrant experience and knows how to successfully fight for your future. Whether you are from Central or South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Australia, Africa or elsewhere around the globe, we can help.

Having A Knowledgeable Attorney Makes Immigration Possible

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Practical Business Immigration Solutions For Employers, Entrepreneurs And Investors

The attorneys at Bassey Immigration Law Center help entrepreneurs expand their business opportunities. We frequently work with employers on H1B and E1 and E2 visas. We can help you know the due diligence that is important in making your investor decisions. We will assist you in navigating the sometimes complex and lengthy process of laws and regulations surrounding this area of immigration.

Common Sense Solutions For Families And Individuals Immigrating

Bassey Immigration Law Center is a family-oriented law firm. We think families should be together. We will do everything we can to solve your immigration issues and meet your needs. Whether you want to reunite your family or obtain a green card through marriage, we can help. Attorney Aniefiok Bassey understands dreams and wants yours to be realized too.

Helping You Build Your Life In The U.S.

If your immigration plan is to upgrade from green card status to full citizenship in the U.S., or you want to be a citizen so your voting rights can be established in time for our 2020 general election, we have the experienced lawyers who can make your dream a reality — at the Bassey Immigration Law Center, P.A..

Our skilled, talented staff have built a solid reputation for successful service to hundreds of immigration clients, especially citizenship applicants and steps you need to know. Aniefiok Bassey, managing attorney at the firm, leads an exceptional team headquartered in Tampa and Clearwater to serve you better throughout the citizenship process.

Citizenship Application Form

Decades Of Immigration Law Experience On Your Side
The benefits and rights of citizenship are almost too numerous to mention — rights that are the reasons why our country is the envy of many in the world. With citizenship comes freedom of speech, freedom of religion, the right to vote, to run as a candidate for election, to own a firearm, to become a federal employee, to seek protection from deportation, to sponsor family members for green cards and to undertake a trial by a jury of your peers in our judicial system.

As for the responsibilities of being a U.S. citizen, these include participation in the democratic process, responding to a summons for jury duty, obeying all laws and paying taxes that produce revenue for our annual federal budget. Every year, thousands of aspiring citizens agree to uphold these duties.

As you anticipate taking on these challenges, look to Bassey Immigration Law Center attorneys for honest answers to your questions about citizenship, including requirements, applications, eligibility criteria, green card vs. citizenship counsel, U. S. naturalization procedures, U.S. citizenship processing time, documentation and any other facet of this often complex, confusing, time-consuming process. We are dedicated to your brighter future and that of your loved ones.