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Senderlie Pilorge

  • Legal Assistant


Senderlie Pilorge is a Haitian native who immigrated to the United States about sixteen years ago. Her personal experiences through the immigration process led her to pursue a degree in International Studies with a focus on Latin America and Caribbean Studies at the University of South Florida (USF). She believes in fighting for the diaspora in the Caribbean, therefore immigration law came a natural career choice. She is committed to giving back to her community. During her senior year at USF, Senderlie interned for Congresswomen Kathy Castor and learned more about immigration policies. There she was able to gain professionalism and skills she could bring to any field. After college, she secured a position as Legal Assistant at Bassey Immigration Law Center(BILC) where she has assisted numerous clients with Work Permits, Asylum cases, Waivers, DACA Renewals and Adjustment of Status (green card) applications. So far, her favorite and most accomplished case are working on Waivers of Grounds of Inadmissibility.

Outside of the BILC Team, Senderlie describes herself as a chef, she loves cooking and creating new recipes. When coming to this country she experiences a great deal of culture shock and thus began her love of people from various cultures. Senderlie is advance in Spanish, fluent in Haitian Creole and would love to learn more and aid others. Her dream destination is Spain, she loves listening to various types of music but Haitian Konpa and Latino pop are her favorite.

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