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Trump Family Immigration Policy Discourages Reunification

Bringing a loved one into the United States through the complex immigration process can be frustrating, especially with the Trump family immigration policy. Not only is it challenging to navigate the paperwork and other requirements, there are ever-changing laws and regulations that can make it even more difficult to be successful. Recently, the current administration […]


Family immigration difficult thanks to government policies

Current family immigration policies are slowing and hindering the immigration process. Families that live in the United States may have the right to seek permission for other family members to come live and work in the country with them. Family immigration is incredibly important for families that have been separated, but current government policies are […]


Supreme Court may hold future of DACA in its hands

The upcoming DACA Supreme Court Decision may determine the fates of millions of immigrants. Many people in Florida may well know someone who has come to the United States from another country. Whether from Cuba, Guatemala, Italy, Iran, China, or some other country, countless immigrants have established businesses, raised their children, attended college and more […]


Is a same-sex marriage recognized in the green card process?

Is it easy, or even possible, to get a same-sex marriage green card in the United States? LBGTQ rights have certainly progressed over the past 30 years, including federal recognition of same-sex marriages. Yet LGBTQ immigrants still face unique challenges, especially as their marriage relates to their visa or resident status.  Unfortunately, this is one […]