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Living in the U.S. is not feasible if you cannot work. Fortunately, the U.S. offers several different temporary work visas for individuals who would like to come to the country and work for a fixed period of time. The duration of the visa depends on the type of work you are coming to perform and your country of origin.

Obtaining A Temporary Work Visa

An experienced Florida business immigration attorney from the Bassey Immigration Law Center can help you obtain a temporary work visa. To start the process, your future employer must complete an I-129 form and file it with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Your employer must indicate what kind of visa you are pursuing, as well as accurately complete the rest of the form. We can help employers and immigrants with the I-129 form along with applications for numerous other temporary work visas such as the following:

  • B-1 Visa: Business Visitors
  • E-2 Visa: Treaty Investor Visas
  • E-1 Visa: Treaty Trader Visas
  • R Visas: Religious Workers
    • R1 Visa — Religious Worker
    • R2 Visa — Spouse and Unmarried Child under 21 of an R1 Visa Holder
  • P Visas: Athletes, Artists and Entertainment Groups
  • L Visas:
    • L-1A Intracompany Transferee for Executives or Managers
    • L-1B Intracompany Transferee for Workers with Specialized Knowledge
  • TN Visas: Canadian and Mexican NAFTA Workers
  • O Visas: Extraordinary Ability or Achievement
  • H-1B Visas: Skilled foreign workers
  • H-2A Visas: Temporary Agricultural Workers
  • H-2B Visas: Temporary Non-Agricultural Workers
  • E-3: Visas for Australian Professionals
  • EB-1A: Extraordinary Ability
  • EB-1B: Outstanding Researchers
  • EB-1C: Multinational Managers and Executives
  • EB-2: National Interest Waiver

Selecting the appropriate visa can be a challenge, but we can help determine your occupational category and whether you meet the eligibility requirements. Keep in mind that these visas are temporary and not necessarily an avenue for permanent relocation to the United States. If you are hoping to become a U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, you must speak with an experienced Florida immigration attorney for help in pursuing your best course of action.

Paying For A Temporary Work Visa

Immigrating to the United States can be costly. However, because temporary work visas require sponsorship from a U.S.-based company, most employers will shoulder the expense of the application process. At the Bassey Immigration Law Center, we believe in providing high-quality immigration services at an affordable cost, regardless of who is responsible for the financial burden. In fact, we may be able to handle your temporary work visa application on a flat-fee basis, allowing both you and your employer to easily budget for the entire application process.

Knowledgeable Guidance From A Florida Business Immigration Attorney

Immigration can often be a challenge. At the Bassey Immigration Law Center, P.A., we have the knowledge and skill to help you throughout the application process. Speak with a skilled Florida business immigration attorney by calling our Tampa office at 813-600-3340 or our Clearwater office at 727-408-5170, or by contacting us online.