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Uncertainty over how Biden will handle some business visas

| Feb 12, 2021 | Uncategorized

After the election, many in Florida were hopeful that the incoming presidential administration would bring significant changes and improvements to current immigration policies. Many view these policies as unfair and unnecessary. President Biden swore to roll back certain restrictions places by the prior administration, but it is unclear exactly what he will do or how soon changes can be expected. There is uncertainty over how he will address the current bans on certain types of business visas.

What’s the problem?

Trump-era restrictions severely limited the number of visas individuals could get when hoping to enter the country for work purposes, declaring that jobs should first go to Americans. Traditionally, business-related immigration allows many talented individuals to enter the United States for work and research. Advocates worry the bans could stay in place despite promises of reversal.

Changing current policies may not be as easy as many hoped. While bans on certain types of worker visas will expire next month, advocates believe that the current administration may view foreign workers a threat to American workers. This could mean there is no intention to fully repeal the restrictions on work-related visas.

In the meantime

For those hoping to come to the United States to work, the process can be lengthy and frustrating. It may be more complicated than ever to secure business visas, and it’s beneficial for those pursuing this route to have help. Regardless of what President Biden chooses to do regarding immigration, it will be helpful to have a Florida legal advocate working for a successful outcome to any immigration-related pursuit.

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