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Biden administration proposes major immigration changes

| Jan 29, 2021 | Uncategorized

When a new President takes office, action is typically taken immediately to put plans into place that promote the agenda proposed during the election. After taking office, President Biden announced plans to change immigration laws that allow millions, including many in Florida, to apply for legal status. This is the most ambitious and sweeping immigration legislation ever proposed by an American president.

Who benefits?

If this plan passes, it will open the door for many who already live and work in the United States to do so legally. Of the approximate 11 million undocumented individuals in the country, those who arrived in the country before the beginning of the year can apply for a change in status. They would be lawful prospective immigrants.

Individuals considered lawful prospective immigrants would only get this designation after applying for legal status. Part of this process includes paying taxes and passing background checks. Once approved, these individuals could serve in the military, travel and work as they are already working without fear of being deported. Evidence these applicants may need to provide could include housing documentation, tax returns and more.

The results

It is not certain whether President Biden will be able to implement these proposed changes, and what their long-term implications could mean. This bill, if passed, could be positive for millions who simply want to live without fear of deportation. In the meantime, those in Florida hoping for a change in status would be wise to seek the support and guidance of an experienced immigration law attorney.

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