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Qualified help is crucial for business immigration concerns

| Dec 21, 2020 | Uncategorized

Those who hope to work in the United States must meet certain requirements, obtaining specific types of visas to enter the country for their jobs. Business immigration is a wonderful tool for companies based in the United States as it allows countries to bring in brilliant and qualified individuals for certain roles. Unfortunately, it can be remarkably complicated to navigate the application process and get the right visas.

There are different types of temporary work visas, and it is important to make sure the right one is selected. This process begins with the Florida employer actually filling out a specific form, the I-129 form. The application must be completed accurately, and the right type of visa indicated — which can be challenging. The following are a few examples of foreign nationals who may be eligible for a temporary business visa:

  • Researchers
  • Temporary agricultural workers
  • Individuals with exceptional abilities
  • Religious workers
  • Business visitors
  • Treaty investors

Florida employers may want to work with an experienced attorney as they navigate the business immigration process. A lawyer can assist with every step of the process, including assessing the individual situation to determine if the individual is an eligible candidate. He or she can also assist with selecting the right visa type and completing the I-129 form.

The business immigration process is complex and often frustrating. Individuals and employers can both benefit from knowledgeable legal counsel at every step. This assistance can prove invaluable when completing paperwork, navigating challenges and taking the next step after a setback.

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