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Family immigration won’t get easier, no matter who wins election

| Nov 5, 2020 | Uncategorized

Things have been difficult for immigrants and their Florida families over the last few years. The current administration has passed several immigration-related reforms that make family immigration a much more complex and frustrating process, and unfortunately, this may not change anytime soon. Regardless of which candidate the American people elect, some of these policies may be difficult to reverse.

According to reports, the United States will have admitted around half of the number of immigrants in 2020 than it did in 2016. This brings immigration down to levels similar to what they were in 1987, a time when population levels were lower and the country was not in as much need of an influx of working-age individuals as it is now. Many of the changes responsible for these low levels of immigration are due to small, subtle and uninteresting changes that add up to having a significant impact on those hoping to enter the United States.

If there is a new presidential administration, it will still be difficult to undo some of these decisions. It could take years to reverse some of the policies in place, and immigration numbers could remain low for the duration. It is more important than ever for someone navigating the immigration process to work with an experienced Florida legal ally.

Family immigration is complex, and it is worthwhile to seek guidance from the very beginning of the process. Knowledgeable counsel is essential when seeking entry to the United States, applying for a visa or pursuing citizenship. With current immigration laws, it is essential to make every effort to avoid missteps and complications that can keep someone from reaching his or her immigration goals.

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