When someone is living in the United States, facing the possibility of having to leave the country can be devastating. A removal order is one of the biggest fears held by those in Florida who are not in the country lawfully or who are awaiting the next step in the immigration process. When given notice of a removal order, it is possible to move forward with an appeal, but quick action is necessary.

Unfortunately, the appeals process can sometimes be more confusing than the initial immigration application process. Through an appeal, it may be possible for an individual to seek other options for lawfully remaining in the country, even on a permanent basis. One option is to appeal to the Circuit Court of Appeals, and other options include filing motions for reopening a case, reconsidering an application and staying deportation.

The right option for an appeal depends on the details of the individual situation. Whether it’s appealing with the Board of Immigration Appeals or filing a specific motion, prompt action is important in a case involving a removal order. The complex nature of immigration laws and the confusing appeals process make it important to have experienced legal guidance every step of the way.

A removal order is serious, but an individual and his or her family does not have to face it alone. There are options available, and working with a Florida attorney can ensure that appropriate action is taken in a timely manner. It is beneficial to reach out for guidance as soon as after notification of the order.

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