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Trump’s immigration ban is challenged in court

| Aug 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

In two presidential proclamations, President Trump delayed or destroyed many Florida immigrants’ hopes and dreams. These proclamations suspended the entry of new immigrants into the United States, affecting thousands who are hoping to enter the country or renew temporary visas. If this continues, it will effectively bring to a standstill all employment-based and family immigration.

The reason given for these presidential proclamations was that the unemployment rate in the United States is high and allowing immigrants in could keep citizens from getting jobs. However, many believe this is unreasonable and unfair, and some have challenged the proclamations in court. Various plaintiffs filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction that would stop these rules from unfairly keeping immigrants from entering the country.

In spring of this year, legal rights organizations started moving forward with litigation after the first presidential proclamation was given. After the second order came in summer, steps were taken to seek an injunction. The court case is moving forward, and it appears that the plaintiffs will have their case heard in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Of course, the legal system is slow and frustrating, and immigrants may have to wait to see if the lawsuit positively impacts their individual cases.

Family immigration can be a frustrating and complex process even outside of frustrating new restrictions. Because of the complexity of completing paperwork and addressing challenges, immigrants and loved ones will find it helpful to work with an experienced Florida attorney. A legal ally can explain the options available and provide an understanding of how and when a case may move forward.

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