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Growing fear that work visas could be limited

| Jul 1, 2020 | Uncategorized

Many dream of coming to the United States to work, but the ability to do this depends on the ability to secure a certain type of visa. It is not easy to obtain work visas, and the overall number is typically limited. It could be even more difficult to get one if the current administration extends the temporary ban placed on visas back in April, which would further reduce the number of people able to enter the country for work purposes.

Many Florida businesses thrive when they are able to bring employees into the country for work purposes. It provides diversity and allows other countries to collaborate with the United States. Plans and dreams will be put on hold if an extension on visas is announced. Many business leaders are asking the administration to reconsider.

Businesses are not alone in this frustration. The ban also affects those hoping to enter the country for educational opportunities. The original ban issued in April included many exemptions, and it did not address temporary work or student visas. Consequently, there is a lot of confusion over the ban and how an extension could impact specific cases. One reason given for the possible extension on a work visa ban was the lower number of jobs available for American workers at the moment.

Securing work visas can be a complicated process. It may be helpful to work with a Florida immigration attorney if hoping to get permission to enter the country for a job opportunity. Experienced legal professionals can help an applicant understand his or her options and avoid unnecessary setbacks when pursing immigration goals.

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