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Family immigration impacted by Trump’s recent decisions

| Jul 31, 2020 | Uncategorized

Bringing a loved one into the United States through the complex immigration process can be frustrating. Not only is it challenging to navigate the paperwork and other requirements, there are ever-changing laws and regulations that can make it even more difficult to be successful. Recently, the current administration cut immigration availability even lower, which is discouraging for those in Florida hoping to complete the family immigration process in the near future.

The administration is on pace to reduce the number of legal immigrants by half. This includes those trying to bring a family member into the county and those hoping to enter the United States for employment purposes. Citizens hoping to bring an immediate family member into the country should know that the administration’s recent decision will reduce the Immediate Relatives of U.S. Citizens category by more than 50% by the year 2021.

Estimates suggest that if it were not for the policies enacted since the start of this current administration, over 300,000 children, parents and spouses would have been reunited in 2021 with loved ones who are already U.S. Citizens. Part of the reason for this is the strict travel ban currently in place. There are also concerns that complex new immigration restrictions will slow down the process for those applying.

If a Florida family is trying to navigate the family immigration process, they do not have to do this alone. Because of the complex laws and changes, it is beneficial to have the help and guidance of an experienced immigration law attorney. This support can prove invaluable when trying to bring loved ones into the United States and reunite family members.

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