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Fighting for a faster naturalization process

| Jun 17, 2020 | Uncategorized

One of the ultimate goals for many who enter the United States is eventually becoming a citizen. This will give someone not born in the country various opportunities previously unavailable to him or her, including the right to vote. With presidential elections coming up in November, there are many in Florida and across the country who want the naturalization process to move faster so they can participate.

Two individuals recently brought a lawsuit against the federal government over what they see as unnecessary delays in the naturalization process. Because of the coronavirus, many functions of the government have slowed significantly because of low staffing and closures in various jobs and office locations. The plaintiffs were scheduled to take the oath of citizenship, but this ceremony was postponed indefinitely.

The lawsuit claims it could be months before they get to participate in the swearing in, which means they may not be able to vote in the fall. They hope the civil claim compels the government to expedite the process for those who simply want to complete the immigration process. While the ceremonies resumed earlier this month, the delays may prevent many from voting who wish to make their voices heard.

The naturalization process is only complete with the swearing in ceremony. Some field offices are even offering drive-thru ceremonies in order to serve many inconvenienced by delays. Those waiting to complete the citizenship process or those who hope to eventually become a citizen will find it beneficial to speak with an experienced Florida immigration attorney to learn about their options.

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