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The right steps to bringing a fiancé into the United States

| Apr 13, 2020 | Firm News

Living in the United States and raising a family here is the goal of many across the world. There are cases where a Florida resident wants to bring a fiancé here so they can marry and start their lives together. Bringing a fiancé into the United States can be a complex process, and it’s important to follow all of the appropriate steps to make this happen.

A citizen of the United States can take steps to bring his or her fiancé into the country with a certain type of visa. The K-1 visa, known as the fiancé visa, comes with very specific stipulations that the couple must meet. One of these requirements is that the couple marry once the fiancé arrives in the country. There are also requirements regarding the length of the relationship and more.

It can be complicated to complete the appropriate paperwork to get the K-1 visa and make plans for the fiancé to arrive in the country. There is also the cost of making travel arrangements and making sure to follow the right immigration processes once he or she arrives.  Even in seemingly simple and clear-cut cases, there is significant benefit in having experienced guidance at every step.

If a citizen wants to learn more about bringing a fiancé into the United States, it can help to start with a complete evaluation of the individual case. This can help an engaged couple understand their options and the steps necessary to meet these immigration goals. Immigration laws are complex and constantly evolving, and working with a knowledgeable Florida attorney can help reduce the chance of complications and setbacks.

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