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3 things to do if ICE comes to your home

| Aug 26, 2019 | Uncategorized

With the recent crackdown on immigration, you may have concerns about what you should do when approached by an officer from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. You should understand your rights, especially if ICE shows up at your home in Florida. Knowing what you can legally do can help you to avoid issues.

The National Immigration Law Center explains you have certain rights when it comes to immigration officials even if you are not a legal citizen or you do not have your documents in order. These rights give you the ability to do or not do specific things when ICE officials come knocking on your door. Here are three important things to keep in mind about what to do.

  1. Do not open the door

You do not have to open the door and let ICE officials into your home. You can communicate through the door without giving them access.

  1. Ask for a warrant

Make sure to ask if the officers or officials have a warrant. Get a copy of it if they have one. Look that over before opening your door to let them inside. Make sure the warrant has your information on it and that it is correct. If it is valid, then you need to let the officers in. If it is not valid, such as something is incorrect on the document or you think it may be fake, then return it without opening the door and tell the officers it is not correct. Also, make sure it is issued by a court. That will prove it is valid.

  1. Alert someone you trust

If ICE officials will enter your home, let someone you trust know what is going on. Make sure you know that person’s phone number so you can contact him or her if you need to and you do not have access to your phone.

Being prepared can help you to avoid a huge hassle with immigration. It also allows you to stand up for your rights.

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