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Is it possible to rectify family separation in the near future?

| Jan 19, 2021 | Uncategorized

Supporters of immigration reform in Florida have hopes that incoming President-elect Joe Biden could do several things to improve circumstances for immigrants and their families. This includes repealing certain measures and limitations put into place under the prior administration. Many hope that he also has plans to address the issue of family separation soon after he takes office. While the main goal will be to reunify families, there are hundreds of kids whose parents have not yet been located.

In a pre-election statement, Biden said that as President, he would create a task force to locate these parents. He also indicated he would not prosecute families for violating immigration laws by crossing the border without authorization. Soon-to-be ex-President Trump used these violations as justification for detaining parents and separating their children from them.

While putting families back together is a noble goal, others believe there is more the new president should do. Some believe he should make plans for making amends for the inevitable psychological damage these kids likely suffered while detained away from their parents. Some of these parents may be awaiting deportation hearings, and others may have already been removed from the United States without their children.

Family separation is one of the many immigration issues that could be addressed under the incoming presidential administration. In the meantime, Florida families facing immigration concerns would be wise to work with an experienced attorney who can help them navigate the complex laws that pertain to their cases. With help, they may be able to avoid setbacks and additional complications.

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